Extremism in defense of tastiness is no vice.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


When the the availabilities of a particular cut of steak or foie gras in Chicago are topics of discussion, it's pretty easy for me to see how much I have to be thankful for. Every day, food is a little luxury in my life. It is a passion. For far too many people, though, food is a reality that doesn't involve nitpicking a trained chef's squab or discussing twelve new things too do with caul. For too many people, the reality of food is deciding whether to eat today or tomorrow, or wondering how to feed the kids next week. So for at least one day, I'll forgo wallowing in my own crapulence and think of what food can do for others.

Locally, you can donate to the food pantry at St. Vincent de Paul, or more broadly through the Dane County Food Pantry Network. On a national level, you can help through Share our Strength or America's Second Harvest. Internationally, $8.25--the same $8.25 that would buy you that glass of wine or third martini--will buy 25 Kg of rice at the World Food Program.

Finally, The Hunger Site allows visitors to donate food for free simply by clicking on a button once a day. It makes a good bookmark, and when you click it, the food gods absolve you of any veal or sea bass related sins.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for reading.

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