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Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas Tony Bourdain!

From time to time, I enjoy a healthy wager. For instance, if I were to discover a book that claims to be about appreciating food, but turns out to be a joyless, political, and atrociously written piece that somehow managed to find a publisher (to be continued, dear reader [1/9/08 Update]), I might try to finish the work if a sadistic friend bet me a cocktail that I couldn't.

The danger of such wagers, of course, is that after a few hours of reading said dreck, one finds himself fighting the urge to keep from swallowing an arsenic colada or a couple of shotgun shells.

As I set the book down and turned the television on in an American prelude to blowing my brains out, a savior appeared before me, descending into my living room like Jesus from the magical glowing box. He wore a hilariously out-of-place suit and red tie, and was flanked by rock stars in festive Christmas garb; as was foretold in the holy books of The Guide and Tivo, it was Tony, and I had stumbled upon Anthony Bourdain's Holiday Special.

Like Bing Crosby, Bourdian hosted not the trite, commercialized Christmas special of the modern era, but a festive holiday with friends and family, hearkening to days long gone. Only this time, there was more Scotch, more foie gras, more Sandra Lee bashing, and Queens of the Stone Age in QVC Christmas sweaters. Oh, and there was also a little curling, a lot of cursing, and some fake blood for good measure. It was, in a word, amazing.

Truly he is the king of kings.

In Madison, the best holiday special ever will be on again at 10pm this Wednesday on the Travel Channel. Don't miss it.

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Dan said...

Primo pro numata vini ex hoc bibunt libertini.